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Default Tampa hookah places

My gf lives in Tampa (FL) and I go there quite often, her brother frequents some hookah bars (roughly weekly) particularly Acropolis. I prefer to smoke at my apt (or hers but she probably won't smoke) because it is much cheaper for me and I can watch whatever I want on tv or whatever. I have seen a lot of Indian or middle eastern groceries (not to be racist at all, there is just a large population of there) and I would really like to find a place that sells hookah products and I think I would dig the atmosphere. Does anyone know of any (preferably in the New Tampa area)? I didn't really have a chance to go out looking while I was there and my trips are normally short so I would prefer a sure shot. It doesn't necessarily have to be a Middle Eastern store, any shop with reasonable prices will do, although I like experiencing new cultures and would love to find somewhere pretty cool with people that smoke and have a culture that is much richer in hookah history.
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