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I would ask for better pictures but it looks Egyptian to me... maybe KM knock off or just some no name but any way you look at it, its more about function than brandname. It looks like the middle pipe in the second picture of this thread: we ask what the Pricepoint is? The vase is probably worth a few bucks, and if the stem is heavy and solid then you probably have a winner. Make sure to check for damage (Inside purge, Down stem, inside the stem, inside hose port), seal, and purge. If it's under $30 I would say jump on it. If its under $50 at least see it in person! And if you want to haggle with talking points, you would need to buy a new tray (missing), new gaskets (they are probably worn out/torn up/missing), and a new hose (used hose is no good, or at least thats what you tell them).
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