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Question Problems smoking outside

Hello Friends!

It's finally warm enough in Michigan to smoke outside, so today I finally bust out my acrylic pipe and have a smoke before class. Everything was going nice but then it started to get way way to harsh. Could someone please give me some advice on my set up?

Hookah: 29" Acrylic single hose "The Prince"
Tobacco: Sb Bluemist
Bowl: Standard Egyptian
Coals: 3 ******* Hookah Nats to start then down to 2 with a wind cover
Foil: 2 Layers of reyonlds hd poked with like 30 holes from a safety pin the tobacco is not touching the foil

It started up really nice but then got harsh quickly so I decided to take off the coals for a min and let the bowl cool. After that I put on 2 of the Ch nats and my large wind cover. It was smoking fine but wasn't giving me much smoke but when I put another coal on it was too much..... Advice please
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