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Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
I think it's a stargate knockoff as well. Order one from H-S or from Nazar if you really want to purchase one.

Any fully colored hookah is a chinese rip-off no matter what.
the ones at H-S are a RIP OFF! so overpriced! and why do they label it as a stratus? seriously, go for nazar hookah or texas hookah, their prices are much better than H-S and they have the balls to call it a stargate instead of, "stratus", or, "espresso"

H-S is charging 200$ for a large "stratus".
Texas Hookah is charging 90$ for a large stargate
Nazar Hookah is charging 85$ for a large without case, and 100$ for a large with case
Devil's Playground is charging 80$ for a large "espresso"

id definitely pick nazar hookah because you will probably get your package in 2 days

be sure to check out the reviews section.

PS: i love H-S and im sorry if it sounds like im bashing them but when it comes to the prices for their stratus, very unreasonable.

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