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Default Why to NOT buy a Chinese Knockoff Hookah.

This post is solely dedicated to reasons why you should NOT buy a Chinese KNOCK-OFF hookah. Obvious and less obvious reasons.

(These do not include Mya hookahs, as they kick ass and aren't fully made in China)

1. Most are made with ALUMINUM downstems/cores.
(This metal is NOT stainless, and will NOT hold up well to heat at all. It is cheap to buy, cheap to use, easy to sell off to new Hookah smokers)
2. Most are Common chamber and PLATED.
(They have a common Chamber, BUT covering the chamber is a plate made of aluminum with tiny holes. This makes the pull terrible.)
3. The Chinese are looking for another way to rip off something traditional.
(The Chinese DID in fact have their own traditional form of hookah, but the form that they copy today is nothing like what they had.)
4. They rip-off reputable companies and try to sell it off with bright colors.
(Most of the people who buy Chinese hookahs don't know of the Internet market, or like the colors. Don't be fooled; Just like in the Animal Kingdom, bright colors mean STAY AWAY!)
5. You are supporting a market that loves to infringe on copyrights and make shitty versions of the original.
6. You are supporting the ability of Smoke Shop Owners to raise the prices of Chinese hookahs 150-200%.
(Yes, that's correct. What they buy for 20 bucks, they sell for 150-190. I'll give you an example next time I am in the shop down the street. You will cry.)
7. You will get shit for it by real hookah smokers.
(I have been to many houses in which a shitty Chinese hookah is being used. Yes, i voice my thoughts. I am very good at making them think about their purchase. I know a lot about hookahs, and normal people are amazed by it. It turns them. )

Basically, any hookah that comes in Bright Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Pink, Yellow or all of the above is a Chinese Rip-off. Stay Away. Don't feed the dirty Chinese hookah market, it'll bite your digits right off.
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