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Default Re: New KM rust?

Originally Posted by hookahstore View Post
To fix the unstableness take the grommet off and wrap it with black tape a couple of times and put the grommet back on and that should fix it.
my km came with a black grommet with a white silicone thin grommet over it to tighten it up, was perfect then the silicone one broke so i wrapped electrical tape over the rubber one until it was tight in the base with good results.

to the OP, KMs are over rated, maybe its because they used to be great and the quality has since gone down some. they are still good rigs but they QC on them leaves a lot to be desired, im not going to start ranting because it will probably lead to yet another argument on here etc etc etc. but i will say as an art student studying glass blowing and metalsmithing there are many basic flaws in the quality of my KM which all go back to being a lazy craftsman
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