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Default Re: Thinking of starting a box pass.

hahaha this is pretty sweet you guys, warning labels mean nothing to me btw with all the cool stuff in here i'm more excited to get the second more serious round going with the OG box pass crew.

i've got all my finals on thursday so tomorrow i'll be hitting the books from school out to bed time. i'm going to smoke over the weekend and get this out early monday morning stat to LJP if that's cool with everyone.

i'm thinking about sending extra stuff to Lemon to help start the next one since i'm always at the tail end of everything i don't get a chance to send everyone else stuff.

Originally Posted by chain View Post
i guess it doesn't really matter for me lol it's gonna be months before i see this thing! XD still excited though. thanks for doing this LJP.
told ya it'd take months

Thank you to everyone who participated!!
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