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Default Re: So is this normal?

What are you guys talking about? Codeman do not listen to these people, except KK and redbullz, it is a tight seal. My KM Silk butterfly is like that. I can't get the stem in the base unless I wet the grommet first. I usually just lick the grommet before I put the stem in the base. This makes it a tacky wet and works like a charm. If the grommet is not wet, it won't go in. Try this first!

As far as the imperfections go, well it is hand made. The reason Social Smoke got away from the Egyptian stems and hookahs is because of what you are mentioning. They received too many imperfections for the size of orders they were placing. But the stem not being fully covered in silver seems to be normal with todays KM's. More demand means more KM's being made. More KM's being made means less attention to detail. My carnival has some spots where black comes through. It makes it unique and doesnt hurt the smoking aspect of it.

As for your comment Essam I have to disagree. Social Smoke is an excellent vendor and I, along with others, know them personally. Too bad you joined late or else you would know them too. I actually ordered a hookah from them yesterday. They take their family business very seriously.
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