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Default Production & Expiration Dates on Tobacco

Yesterday I was out at the local Game Stop picking up my copy of God of War III when I saw a small tobacco store just a few spaces down the strip mall. I wandered in and saw they had a decent selection of generic hookahs, and a small cabinet of shisha. I assessed their goodies and saw some AF I had not tried before or seen for sale locally. As I was investigating one of the 50g packages I saw the Production date was 08 2008 and Expiration roughly a year after that. The rest of the AF boxes in the case had no dates whatsoever anywhere on the packages.

When it comes to the Production & Expiration dates on various shisha brands...

Does everyone list Pro & Exp dates?

Where should you look typically to find this information?

If no dates exist, do you pass on purchasing the product?
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