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Default Buying a new KM

Hey guys an gals,

I am pretty new to hookah and after making the usual noob mistakes in one big swoop (washing unwashable hose from cheap "pumpkin" hookah after overloading the bowl and you all know the rest..) I was shown the light!

I tried a few sessions with my m8s KM and it was great and I have decided to get one myself.

I live in the UK where the only things I can buy localy are more cheap pumpkin hookahs and soex...

I have found this 'aclaimed' KM on ebay (link: )

After seeing this and remembering the great time I had with one, I found myself instantly hitting the 'buy it now' button, but I am now worried it could be a 'fake'.

What are your views on this hookah forum?, think it is fake or real?
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