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Default Help for New smoklers, LONG sorry

I am writing this in an attempt to help other newcomers. I just started smoking my Hookah and I have no friends that do. So I had to find my own way so to speak and figure out what works for me and what doesn’t. I have probably seen every how to video on and There seems to be a lot of posts recently about how to get better smoke or my smoke is to harsh. Etc. etc.

So I am here to share what I have learned through trial and error as I navigate my way to that perfect utopian smoking session everyone strives for. Again this is just my observation and opinion, if you do not agree I can respect that and remind everyone I am just doing this to help out the newbies and to try spread around this wonderful thing I have discovered called Hookah smoking.

First and main point I am trying to make is that, There is no one way or recipe that everyone does to have a great smoke. There are too many variables from person to person to make that possible. Those variables are but not limited to,

-The water you put into the base, mineral content that is in it, city water or purified.
-Temperature of water in base, does it have ice?
-Amount of water you put into the base.
-Kind of Rig you have, KM, Mya, Chinese
-Diameter of hose you smoke out of.
-What kind of coals you use, Quick Lites or Naturals?
-How many coals you use? Broken in half?
-Do you use a wind cover? *
-Did you have your coals completely ashed over? Or grey?
-How often do you “ash” your coals?
-Where you place you coals on the bowl?
-Do you move your coals around on the bowl?
-Packing the bowl to tight.
-Packing the bowl to light.
-Over packing the bowl?
-How many layers of tinfoil do you use? 1 0r 2?
-What are the size of holes you have in your tin foil?
-How many holes do you have in your tin foil?
-How often do you draw on you hose? Too much? Not enough?
-What brand of shisha are you smoking? AF, Nack, etc.
-Do you purge or blow in after the smoke gets harsh?

If you having problems with your smoking sessions then most likely you need to tweak one or more of the above variables to make it better. For an example almost every How to Video I watched says to ash you coals every 10-15 min. I ash mine every 30-35 min. This is what works for me and all the newbie smokers need to figure out what works for them and their smoking style. I hope this leads to a lot less frustration. It seems whenever someone makes a post about too harsh a smoke or not enough smoke the main members all run down this list of variables to try and fix it. So I thought I would put it into one place people might find helpful. If I missed any please feel free to add to my list.

[LIST][*]I smoke inside all the time and thought I didn’t need a wind cover. I tried it out and it made a huge difference in my smoking session, making it better.[/LIST]
edited because adding an "e" to "bowl" makes this a completely different kind of comment.

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