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Default AF Grommet Issues

I got an AF Large Solid last week and I love it. When I got the pipe, the grommet was coated with something and it slid in and out of the base just with minimal force. After the first cleaning, it's nearly impossible to get in and even more channeling to get out.

I have a handful of grommets of various sizes. None seem to fit properly. Or even close. There's even one that I had shaved way down for another hookah. It didn't do much better either.

I tried shaving down the grommet it came with but made virtually no headway at all. I even tried coating it with some rubber lubricant we had. It worked fairly well when getting it in. But today when I tried to remove the stem, the lubricant had apparently become something more like glue. I had to employ some methods I'm not so comfortable with to get the stem out.

It seems that the part of the stem that the grommet goes on is not a standard size. The large ones that fit over the stem just right don't even come close to fitting in the base and the small ones that fit in the base don't even come close to fitting around the stem, although they can be forced to do so.

Wetting the grommet with water hasn't helped much either.

I'm wondering if anyone has any tricks, aside from wetting the grommet or shaving it down, that might make things easier to do.
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