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Default Re: Stuck on a island...

Originally Posted by tapatio10floz View Post
since I haven't tried a huge variety I would probably pick sb white peach and I have a feeling I would get bored... but if I was on an island I would find local fruit and make bowls out of them or put juice in the base. Maybe I would even stumble upon a random patch of tobacco leaves and I could make my own flavors. Not to be a newb but what is shooting star?

Originally Posted by Memories View Post
yeah who makes shooting star/what is the flavor like?
I haven't tried a whole lot of stuff.. but i would probably go with a spice or floral.. maybe Romman Cinnamon? i think you would probably get sick of a distinct fruit flavor, but there is always a shot on adding tropical fruit or squeeze fruit juicing into the mix.

read up.. and you will find out what it is...
With those happy thoughts, in my head, I'm feeling like I'm peter pan... Minus the tights and the fairies....
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