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Default Re: Need some guidence

The Mya Vortex is an excellent hookah and just to make sure it's set up right and are no leaks set the water in the vase and cover the bottom of your down stem about 1 1/2" (one and a half inches) the most. Place your grommet on your hose if needed, if there is one in the adapter forget the one on the hose and put that on and set up the correct grommet on your stem for your bowl and make sure it fits snug. First with the grommet on the stem and hose in place cover the hole at the top of the stem with your palm and blow into the hose and make sure there are no leaks anywhere and also take a hit and make sure you are getting no air. Once you are done try the same thing covering the bowl when in place. OK no leaks take your bowl and place shisha not too tight and use your finger and make a spot in the center with no tobacco and the shisha around it up to a 1/4" max below the foil. punch holes using a thin sharp toothpick around the outer perimeter of the bowl spacing the holes no more than a 1/4 of an inch apart. Move in about 1/4" and do another circle the same way, repeat to the middle of the bowl. Place two coal on its side standing upwards and put the wind cover on about two minutes. Take a hit and you should start getting good smoke and remove the wind cover. If you are happy the way it's smoking go on eventually lay the coals flat overhanging the bowl half way and smoke. Eventually you may move one or both coals completely on and after 10 minutes or so move the two coals to the two spots you haven't used yet working the coals as you wish. BTW when you are putting your holes in the foil go down to the bottom of the bowl. With the small area in the center of the bowl you will always have a good hit and this should work out. Eventually and the sooner the better get a large Nammor hose which goes well with the Mya hookah you have or any thicker wide diameter hose and get a Vortex bowl and or a phunnel bowl and this will take you to a new level of smoking pleasure. When you get the new bowl look at videos and read how to pack and smoke them or feel free to PM me. I almost forgot, try a different tobacco, something that is more heat resistant. I don't know what you like to smoke but you can try most Starbuzz flavors or Nakhla or Nakhla Mizo or anything not too delicate. Good luck.
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