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Default Re: Questions about DM

Originally Posted by Coyotero View Post
The clouds are rather small if you're comparing it to something like starbuzz. Don't expect to fill the room. That said, it is denser and actually has a smooth, velvety mouthfeel. Honestly, what does it matter?

The flavor has a complexity unmatched in the western world. The flavors are natural tasting, complex, and spicy. This isn't your average insipid kool-aid flavored crap like starbuzz, AF, et al. Don't expect sugary, syrupy candy flavors. Expect a spicy, exotic, unique smoking experience- What a hookah was meant to be.

Seems to last a long time. On a tiny egyptian I can usually get to coconara's out of it... Which is about an hour and a half... A larger bowl can go on for hours.

It's not really like anything else that's readily available in the west. Totally in a league of it's own.

For what it's worth, you (like many others) are using the word shisha incorrectly. Shisha refers to the pipe. Hookah tobacco is properly called moassel... Say no to pseudoisms, say yes to authentic nomenclature! The head honcho there is named Kamal. Tell him we sent you.

As a wise man said, Desi Murli is simply the finest moassel available in the US at any price. Go and get some, and learn what hookah was meant to be like.
Such knowledge in this post about DM. Good job and I couldn't agree more!

Also, that's why I just call it tobacco. I never figured out how to say moassel correctly.
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