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Those pieces seem really large. My silver q/l (hookahology) come 4 to a stick. I use two on a regular bowl at a time and it gives off good heat. I use a wind cover to help manage and keep them going longer when they get smaller.

Make sure the silver is burned off. They taste horrible w/ they are not fully lit. They may seem ready to go but they are not.

PS- Coals break easier when they are lit. I light mine then take a knife and "whack" them in half. I used to do this on my burner until I realized this also cracks the metal and causes them to warp... So now I place them in a spoon/ladle holder (the thing you place your ladle spoons in when making food, so you don't lay it on the counter). I have a dedicated knife and ladle holder for this. Takes a little practice to not have them shatter, but once you get the hang of it you can split them into smaller pieces in one chop and you're good to go. *This is also how I break my exotica naturals into half's from their prescored 1/3 pieces, since I find AF doesn't need much to scorch it*

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