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Default Re: Why to NOT buy a Chinese Knockoff Hookah.

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Stargates aren't knockoffs, they get Knocked off. H-S, Nazar, TXHookah all sell real ones. I think SocialSmoke does as well.

The thing i mainly hate is the over-pricing. Smoke SHop owners completely SCREW buyers.
Hehe yah and I DID buy it at a hookah shop! But luckily for me, they only charge like $40 for it :P Thank God cuz I'd be even more pissed off it they charged ANY more than that!

I think the way Chinese hookahs trick you is by the looks and colors. You think "dayyyummm! that's such a awesome hookah" and then find out that the materials used are crappy as hell
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