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Default Re: So is this normal?

Originally Posted by DRMALIKIA View Post
And this is why we will never get KM to improve their "Hand Made" garbage factory. Everyone caves in the moment it "Smokes Great". I have said it once, I will say it again:

Ferrari is hand crafted and that hand crafting expects a premium for quality. Ferrari's are perfection done at the hand of artists. By no means is KM a Ferrari but hand crafted in reference to KM means poor craftsmanship but "A good smoke". In essence, the hand crafted is complete BS because a machine could make the exact KM product and probably do it a lot better (maybe not cheaper however).

KM could take strides to improve but the only thing they are going to see is $$$ until we impact their bottom line, nothing will change. So until then, expect hand crafted to mean "looks like shit, smokes great".

Maybe I need to get into the Hookah business here. I could sell hookahs that look like recycled car parts but as long as it smokes great, people will pay $100+ for the product. I mean that is basically what some of you guys are saying, right?
Call me up, we can get this started and make tons bro.
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