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Default Re: Greetings! Id like some help :)

Originally Posted by BIGPOPPA View Post
Harshness? The only way DM would be harsh is if you are burning it. Same as any hookah tobacco.
This is truth. Desi Murli has no harshness if it's smoked right.

Originally Posted by thomas_j_smith View Post
Romman Raspberry was my first shisha, and I must say I thought it was great! I love the draw of the bigger gauge hose, but like many others suggested, smaller hoses/tips do appear to me to give more taste. The narrow smoke flow to the tongue appears to enhance the shisha taste. Desi Murli from is great smoke (taste and price). They mix it fresh, but worth the waste. After I tried DM, it was hard to go back to Starbuzz (or other shisha). Maybe I'm just hooked on DM?
Absolutely, Thomas. Desi Murli is, put simply, the finest, most authentic tobacco available on the western market today. Starbuzz is an overpriced product marketed to people that think the key elements to a good tobacco is gigantic fuck-off clouds and sickly-sweet candy flavors. It is a one dimensional, diluted yuppie product and it's inadequacy becomes quite obvious when compared to a moassel of true quality.
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