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Default Re: Problems with from Georgia

Don't worry guys... I went to this "" and you know what... "Server Not Found"! Capitalism wins again! Apparently so many people had similar experiences that this company went out of business. Such a happy ending to a sad story.

But now in all seriousness... I have a vortex bowl, as well as a Phunnel, and a Crown Jewel... the vortex has been my go-to bowl for a long time before the crown jewel came along. I find this bowl to be amazing but I will admit it takes some practice... may be going to the video section ( and searching for some of the packing videos might help you perfect smoking out of it? Now there have been situations documented on here where the holes in the spire are occluded with glaze or not properly punched out. This is a manufacturing defect and should be dealt with as such. (Send pictures, they send a replacement) But, other than that specific situation, remember, this is not Math or Science... things don't exactly work the same way each time for each person.

For vase, if I had ordered a hookah and gotten a different vase than what I was expecting I would have, as I was unpacking the box, been calling/e-mailing the company about the issue. I can understand SaharaSmoke's stance on this one. Its not something that would have taken Inspector Clouseau (Google Him) to figure out from the get go.

As for the stem... this gets a bit tricky in my opinion.

The Gasket fitment may be a function of the wrong base, it may be a function of a bad/wrong grommet. I know I have a KM I got in Chicago and its well documented that the gaskets can be WAY tight. This should have been a simple fix of sanding the grommet or getting a new one. But this may have gotten lost in your overall displeasure in the situation.

The leaks are something that make me really uncomfortable either way. I am not sure if I would have thought to Leak Test my new hookah either as I would expect a new hookah not to leak. If it is an actual leak in the stem (where parts are soldered or screwed together) I would expect the company to be more understanding. That would be like a car company expecting you to notice a transmission or brake noise with out driving off the lot.

But in the end, the fact that you are saying every part of your order was a complete and total *FAIL* puts me a bit on the hesitant edge. I just don't know how an order could have absolutely everything wrong with it. I am not doubting it can happen, but I would assume they are rare.

I wish you luck with your situation and I hope that your posts #2 and #3 can be a bit more of a pleasant experience for you here on HookahPro.
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