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Default Re: Problems with from Georgia

How is it you lost $200? I would assume you have $200 worth of products you arent happy with, but you didnt LOSE it. Always Always call the company first if there is a problem. You never should have smoked out of it if it wasnt right, and I assume you knew it wasnt right immediately upon unpackaging the base. I am going to take a wild guess and assume that even though the base was wrong that you decided to just keep it, therefore you attempted to smoke out of it, therefore ruining any chance of returning it. Then you decided you didnt really like it and wanted to return it and they refused due to the product being used. That is all just a guess, and if I am way off track I apologize. Maybe your next post can be a nice introduction post and you can start off on a different foot around here. I lend very little credibility to a first time poster whom comes onto this forum and bashes a vendor in the wrong section might I add, with shady circumstances surrounding it. I am climbing down off my soapbox now and going fishing with 2 old friends for the weekend. You guys have a good one!!

Originally Posted by Jhawks240 View Post
I would just like to share with everyone how I was screwed by this website and to save other people from wasting money with them. I have been smoking hookah for a few years now, and have figured out that you get what you pay for. So I spent 200 plus dollars on's website and bought all the extra accessories, a nice big 30 plus inch hookah from them. This company sent me a hookah where the base did not fit the stem. The base was not the same one in the picture online. The stem had a leakage in it, and the valves leaked to. They talked up this vortex hookah bowl on their website, so I bought that to, HORRIBLE. I called numerous times to complain to them spoke with management and everything. They said they could not refund it because I had already smoked out of it, so after 4 or 5 phone calls arguing with them, they decided that they would give me a 10% coupon on shisha to make up for my loss of 200 DOLLARS! Please do not use this site. F Sarah Smoke.

Trying to save some people money, use
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