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Default Re: Problems with from Georgia

Originally Posted by Jhawks240 View Post
Immediately after opening the package, I noticed the wrong base. I called, and they said that they use "high powered lights of some sort" so the bases appear to be different colors then what they really are. The base on their website was a baby blue colored, and when I received it, it was a deep purple color. They said I could return it but I would have to pay my own shipping, so then I proceeded to "Deal with the color", and test it out. Also who thinks to test a BRAND NEW HOOKAH from a somewhat credible site for leaks. So we tested it out and of course it disappointed me more than anything. After 4 phone fights with this company and them offering me 10% coupons I realized they don't care about their customers.

On a positive note, I live in Orlando, and they just opened up a new Hookah shop called Lit. They have some very good prices for Hookah's. In this shop they have a HUGE Ed Hardy hookah and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The details around the stem is unreal. It is listed for $300, I am just scared to purchase another expensive hookah that might not work. Anyone had experience with this ED HARDY hookah?

Also I realize my mistake of Saraha and Sahar.
From leaky stem to Ed Hardy stem... from bad to worse.

PS - Sahara may have issues with the vases on their site looking 10x better than they do when you get them but they're still a solid company, I've had nothing but positive experiences

"From zero to hookah, in nothing flat."
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