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Thumbs up Seattle Hookah Night

So, yesterday my friend and i wanted to go on an adventure to Seattle. All of our smoke shops have a pretty lame selection and are expensive, and the hookah bar we frequent is only good when certain staff members are there, which has been less often lately.
After searching around the forums/Google maps.. we decided to go to Club Static and Sam's Smokes because they were right next to each other. Sams Smokes had damn good prices.. My friends and i prefer SB and it was like 17 or 18 bucks compared to a normal 23-25 depending on if you have to pay tax. They had a really big selection of the most popular flavors.. the only thing they didn't have that i wanted was Romman cinnamon because they just ran out... but it was cool either way.
we then headed down the street back past my car, dropped of the 250g of rose and headed to Club Static. First impression.. Ghetto upstairs dance party. IMO it was a little to much of a party scene(party lights,techno remixes of pop songs.. but i guess it is in the U-District).. but besides that the staff was really cool and laid back. I like how they pack the bowls for you after you pay so you can mix flavors(and actually watch them pack it if you like), whereas all the bowls at the hookah bar in B-ham are prepacked earlier in the night. I was kinda surprised that they used AF, because the flavors were amazing.. and when i got AF a long time ago i had some burning issues. Anyways.. if you happen to be in Seattle sometime, i would recommend parking in between these 2 place and hitting them up.
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