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Default why the major price difference?

I just had a chance to shop in a local store the other day when visiting family in new jersey (major middle eastern population in clifton, and one hookah only shop, and a bunch of other shops with hookahs in the windows), and noticed that the prices were way lower in store than online, and the tax was maybe a buck or two a $20 order. they had nak for 6.99 nak mizo for 7.99 and AF for 10 (IIRC, didn't buy any) and SB for around 15. My question is why are the prices in a brick and mortar store so much less expensive that online? I didn't get a shot to look at the prices on the KM's in the shop, but i would imagine they're less expensive that online. Why does the hookah industry not follow most other industries where online is WAY less expensive than in store? It makes no sense that the product is more expensive then shipping is added on top. I would almost rather drive the 40 minutes to clifton to get my shopping done.
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