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Default Re: why the major price difference?

Originally Posted by iMaD View Post
Well, the main reason is this: Most of their customers are from the Middle East and they know the actual price of these items becasue of where they grew up or lived. For example they were used to pay $2-3 for 250g Nakhla or $5 for Alfakher so no way they will pay 11 or 15 let alone $25 for Starbuzz and the same go for the pipes. In my opinion online stores are aimed mainly at the American consumer and they use marketing or whatever to overcharge you. So if there is a local shop near by then you are better off buying from them and save yourself the high prices and the shipping cost not to mention you can physically touch and smell the item before you decide.
that's a very good point, never thought about that one. sad part is the closest ME neighborhoods are in NYC or NJ

Originally Posted by ariberns View Post
Cause hookah paradise in Clifton rocks!
yes it does! i will be going back there when I can, way easier than ordering online! i don't think they have an AF solid though...otherwise I'd get it there lol
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