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Default Not the greatest hookah night.

Today is not my happiest night for hookah.

First i find out im out of coco's so i have to use quicklights. Then i pack a bowl of al fakher grape which i was really excited to smoke (after reading sambooka's review). Shit straight up smelled and tasted like tomatoes. Tossed that out after 3 pulls and threw out the rest of my 50gram pack. Now i pack a bowl of hookah hookah passion fruit and i pressed down too hard on my bowl and i crack the bottom of my bowl. Thankfully it was my small mya ceramic bowl and not my phunnel. After getting a little into my passion fruit i decide the flavor just isn't satisfying me so now im just really not happy.

This is the first night i actually decided to give up on trying to smoke hookah. Maybe ill have a better day tomorrow or something. Till then ill just smoke a myself a damn cigarette.
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