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Default Re: every tobacco seems to be giving me no flavour

Originally Posted by hdwindex View Post
I dont know if its just my taste buds but it seems like everyhting i smoke now , has no taste, just taste like smoke. anyone else experince this.
i been smoking alot of nak, like mango, double apple, af apple, i even smoked skyzz buble gum and they had all a hint of taste. but mostly i just taste smoke. i rember when i smoked id get soo much flavour now all i get is a hint of flavour and a taste of nothing . i smell the tobacco on the exhale and smells soo good. but when inhaled i get nohtinng ?

I use an egyptian clay bowl, two 3 king ql.
bowl last for about 2 hours on average.
so i know im not burinng the tobacco.

any help would be apreciated
I'm in the same boat as you, guy. My rig is squeaky clean and my hose is not ghosted. I use different bowls with different shisha and I use CH instant lites.

I agree with kornkitten though about being burned out. My taste buds need a good resting. Perfect timing for getting fit and healthy again.
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