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Default I think my hose is staining my hands...?

Anyone else ever have this problem?
I have a distinct and persistent yellow/brown stain on my left ring finger, palm side. At first, I thought it might be a bruise, but i have no pain/swelling there. Then i thought for a second that it might be nicotine staining like cig smokers get... but that doesn't make any sense. I don't smoke cigs, the stain is at the bottom of my finger, and we smoke mostly AF, which has little nicotine anyway. Then I noticed my girlfriend has a similar stain on her right hand...

Recently we've been smoking out of her cheap craigslist hookah. I have a pretty decent Mya, but... We had company staying for the weekend, smoked a couple sessions friday night, went to bed with nothing unusual. Got up the next morning and packed a bowl. Tried to put it atop the hookah and the whole damn top fell off... stem was cracked off between the common chamber and the ash tray. Apparently during the night someone... I can't even imagine the scenario where the metal stem breaks before the glass vase... dropped it, used it as a bat/trampoline, fell on it, IDFK? and then balanced it all back in place like nothing had ever happened . Ultimately I was more pissed that no one owned up to it and tried to hide it. Sorry for the rant, this was a while back, but the loss is still fresh i guess.

Back to the hand-stain issue. With the hookah in front of us, she usually sits to the left side and I to the right. Passing back and forth, I guess she generally holds the hose in her right hand and I with my left. The hose ends, handle and part that other end that goes into the bung on the hookah (is there a proper name for that), are stained wood. I guess they were the same color originally, but the handle end is significantly lighter now. Seems as though the oil from our hands has been removing the stain from the handle? I guess its time to get a decent hose.
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