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Default Re: why the major price difference?

Originally Posted by Jride View Post
1. Expensive to set up stock in a store and hire workers
3. You got to stock the store and make sure everything is looking perfect
5. Customer covers the shipping, so why does it matter about the price of the initial product being higher? (ex: Starbuzz being $22 online and paying money to ship it. SB is $17 in store and no shipping)

So I wonder, why is stuff more expensive online?
and don't forget, the overhead for a brick and mortar store is WAY higher than a wesbsite. unless you have to have a huge warehouse, then it may be a little different, but a warehouse space is less expensive than a storefront in even a halfway decent location.

i think the point of the people used to a lower price is very interesting, and makes a lot of sense...i think another point is that there are a lot of people who don't have a local shop to go to, so the online vendors have their nuts in a vice for stuff...they can charge what they want.
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