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Default Re: Reviews are Almost Worthless...

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
And this is why: They are COMPLETELY and UTTERLY subjective.
It's a review. Everyone has a different palate and standards. You take reviews as a grain of salt and a guide. You look over the reviews and as a combined whole, you get your answer.

I'm a strong supporter of reviews. Reviews I don't take seriously are those that say "I don't really like it because I'm not a fan of (insert flavor), and the buzz is too weak/too strong". Those personal dislikes should have no correlation with the score a product is given by a reviewer
I'm sorry, but if a flavor is something I strongly dislike, I'm going to let someone know that I didn't like it. It's not my cup of tea but others would enjoy it if they like such and such. I hate buzzing. It makes me literally ill. Therefore I tell the people and knock off a point because it made me ill. I hope people tell me if a shisha buzzes or not, so I know if I should buy it!
The subjectivity is much deeper than that. It's really about the palate.Take Simply Apple for example; I clean my pipe and hose and bowl every time I smoke a new flavor.
For my reviews, I did the same, though I don't have a dedicated hose for each flavor.
Our palates are so different, they pick up completely different flavor classes compared to another person. I went into Simply Apple thinking it would be very floral - not only was it not at all floral.....

And I tasted something completely different. I like the flavor, as it did have a nice strong flavor, but I for some reason could straight up taste spices (like cinnamon) in it. I hadn't smoked anything with spices (especially cinnamon) in my hookah nor my hose. I can't explain why I tasted it. My hookah was cleaned. Another thing, When it got too hot, the floral, air freshener taste came out. I had that experience w/ several of the Social Smoke flavors. They taste great until they get too much heat and it gets a funky taste until it cools down.

I am glad you like SS S.A, but to say that reviews are worthless because someone else had a difference in opinion/ or different result than you is highly illogical. Especially since you already stated that people have different palates.
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