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Default Re: Reviews are Almost Worthless...

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
And this is why: They are COMPLETELY and UTTERLY subjective. I have noticed this most recently, and most profoundly, with the Social Smoke tobacco.

I'm a strong supporter of reviews. Reviews I don't take seriously are those that say "I don't really like it because I'm not a fan of (insert flavor), and the buzz is too weak/too strong". Those personal dislikes should have no correlation with the score a product is given by a reviewer. This aspect, though. isn't even the reason I am posting.

The subjectivity is much deeper than that. It's really about the palate. Take Simply Apple for example; I clean my pipe and hose and bowl every time I smoke a new flavor. I make sure that the only flavor I am tasting is that flavor - I also have dedicated hoses. Simply Apple has given me the greatest Red Apple experience I have ever tasted in a tobacco, and I feel that if anyone likes Apples they should smoke it ASAP. Yet it seems to get much different reviews and feedback compared to what I found. It can be floral, chemical, and weak - three factors I consider terrible in a fruit flavored tobacco. Our palates are so different, they pick up completely different flavor classes compared to another person. I went into Simply Apple thinking it would be very floral - not only was it not at all floral, it was perfectly natural, tangy, crisp and strong. All of the people smoking said the same thing, and they all want to smoke it constantly.

So these reviews I have been reading would have pushed me away from SS tobacco for the most part, but I decided not to take them seriously and have now found my favorite tobacco, by far.
I hella agree with you; and I, too, am digging the social smoke line, and if I had gone by the reviews I would have passed up on it....cheers. Reviews are often helpful, but mostly pointless, which is why I usually do not bother...
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