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Default Re: Reviews are Almost Worthless...

You can make the argument that this thread is COMPLETELY and UTTERLY subjective. Palate by definition is subjective because it is personal thus they will always differ.

I know Mark from HookahWhisperer smoked SS simply apple flavour and initially found it to have a floral taste. He reviewed it later and thought it was an excellent apple taste. Things can change from smoke to smoke and from reviewer.

Your points are valid to an extent, but to render all reviews worthless is too strong a statement not only because it is your subjective opinion but also because it is insulting to those who work hard to produce reviews. There are many variables to consider in a review from hookah setup to moassel batch. These can affect the reviewer’s opinion to that of your own. Hence take all reviews with a grain of salt. The same can be said with reviews for film, music, food and many more. As long as the reviews are unbiased, for example not influenced by a vendor or manufacturer, they have value.

Just watch the reviewers that have similar tastes that your own and make your mind up based on those.

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