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Default Re: Reviews are Almost Worthless...

I agree with some of the things you are saying, Zen. I know that a lot of reviewers are doing their best to describe a flavor, but when you have products that are difficult to describe, you have to give them the gimme on that. You can try to put your finger on it, but it's not always accurate to what some people think. I do agree that people need to learn when they do reviews, a lot of people have the potential to see them and they need to try to be as objective as possible. I agree with KornKitten knocking off points for buzz, because sometimes that ruins the whole session for some. I personally try to be objective about my flavors, even if I don't like them. I'm not going to give a subpar flavor or tobacco a high review in the interests of someone liking it, but I sure as hell am not going to not give a flavor a chance simply because of my experience with other flavors of that kind or the fact that I don't like the flavor. For example, I'm not a huge fan of cola flavors. I think most of them taste like flat store brand pop. I did a review on AF Cola and actually liked it, mixer wise. I try to also keep in mind the way a tobacco could mix with another and if it's a mixer, I try to suggest some mixes. I am on the bandwagon that thinks that CaptHowdy's reviews are some of the best on the net. He makes sure he hits every aspect he can when it comes to his videos. Zen, I hope that this doesn't turn you off of watching reviews and I will honestly say that when I do a review, it is not simply to get my post count up or to gain entry to a contest. I love doing reviews because I know that someone will watch it and think "Well, that doesn't sound half bad, maybe I'll try it out".

P.S.- I, in no way, am trying to stir up trouble or start problems with ANY MEMBER.

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