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Default Thinking of purchasing AF soft black

I'm thinking of purchasing a tub of AF soft black when i get my income tax refund. I've always wanted to try it and i know a lot of people here have always wanted to try it as well. And for 40 bucks, its not that bad considering i probably spend more money on junk food a week.

The thing im wondering is IF i decide to purchase this, what would be the best/cheapest way of shipping it around? I don't want to have to go out and purchase 20 mini tupperwares. And im sure using a bag wouldn't work well either.

I'm not expecting anyone to give me anything, the ONLY thing i ask for is IF you have a camera, is that i would like you to make a review of the shisha and say thank you to me in your review.

There are selected people i know that i would want to send this out to but like i said I'm still thinking of whether or not i want to do this. So i don't want this thread being flooded with requests for me to send it to them. That's not the point of this thread. I know i can't share with everyone but i'll do my best to send it out to those who are deserving.

Also does anyone know where i can purchase this? So far all i know is **********, and Hookahset. So far hookahset is the cheapest at 39.99+4.90 s/h.
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