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Default Re: Bringing flavour to UK.

The law for ordering tobacco over the internet is that you are not allowed more then 50grams...

honestly no joke, i read up on the HM and customs and i pretty much know the whole law. Who ever has been saying 3kg limit has been very lucky... their parcel has not been declared properly. If these items were properly declared then they would ALL have been seized and you must pay duty on them. But because i beleive they have slipped through.

So now im going to ask did your vendors mark it as a gift? and write on it flavour molasels? cause i think when the parcels go through, they xray them and then the people dont know what on earth it is and usualy let it go through.

Above example of 1.5kg geting seized. is perfectly norma, hes 1450grams over the limit and will have to pay 76 pounds per kg. Thats a total ripp off
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