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Default Re: Nothing is working anymore

For the 16" is the draw restricted or is it the same as it used to be and not drawing as much smoke?
If its restricted I'd check to see that there isn't rust somewhere in the downstem or hose ports. If the draw is the same and the smoke isn't as dense as it used to be I'd check to see if you somehow lost the ball bearing in the purge valve. If the BB is missing then the air is going to me mostly drawn through the purge port since it is has less resistance than the downstem which is going to bring a lot more air than smoke into the chamber.
As far as the harshness of the tobacco I'd adjust the heat on the pumpkin. Tinker with it and you'll eventually find a good balance. Especially if the purge BB on the 16" is missing, the pumpkin could be overcooking the tobacco because it is drawing more air through the downstem than the 16".
I hope this helps.

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