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Default Re: Reviews are Almost Worthless...

Thanks for the input, by multiple opinions do you mean trying it multiple times, for an individual reviewer, they only have one opinion, it is the responsibility of the watcher to get multiple opinions, especially if the item is new, or whatever.
I clean my rig out the vast majority of the time, there was only once where I didn't clean it out and a separate time where I cut to a ghosted hose (for a tighter draw) but I let the viewer know
Warm water is preference, but I normally use cool to cold water.
Because it is free doesn't mean it is good but price is a factor, I expect more from SB and say so, and try to consider that it is more expensive, while trying to remain unbiased.
DM is NOT easy to identify how close it is to the real thing, it is more complex. Many flavors aren't an individual ingredient so there is nothing to compare it to.
I was thinking about doing Blue Mist myself, I'm not a huge fan but I have it so I may review it. Why is it so bad to review blue mist?
What does everyone else think, I want to make my reviews better
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