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Lightbulb Thicker smoke - Tips

Hi there!
I've been interessted in hookah for a long time and got myself my first 1 from egypt as a souvernir. Small and noobish :P
Lately I've bought myself a bigger one and learned alot about how to bake the bowl, tips with the water etc but I never seem to get as good smoke as you guys have in the vids and sometimes it tastes rlly strong and is hard to inhale properly.

I've tried with waterbowl without water, only ice.
Bigger bowl.
Thicker tobacco and 2 coals.

My hookah is airsealed and the boal is not very big (with a perforated metalplate on that came with the hookah) plus a windcatcher.

Any tips on how I could pimp it :P?

Edit: Tried to change my waterbowl with a bigger cooking-oil flask like this:
The flask and filled with ice 3/4 when the bottom of my hookah pipe was about 2/4'th down in it.
This to get better room to "store" the smoke. Got very much better clouds.

If any1 have any tips or tricks I could learn it would be awesome

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