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Default Re: Reviews are Almost Worthless...

Originally Posted by Kazz View Post
All reviews are going to be subjective to the reviewer, no matter what guidelines you create, and no matter the product being reviewed.

In the cigar world (which I am most accustomed to), customers always ask me, "whats the best cigar?" The answer is which ever one you like the most. Different cigars use different wrappers, binders, and fillers, which affect the taste, and every customer's taste is different. Just because a Davidoff is 29.99 doesn't mean that its the best cigar in the humidor. So by giving the customer a description from my experiences with the cigar, they can judge what they may get out of the cigar depending on how refined their pallet is. But I always remind them that, its what I got out of it, and their experience may differ, along with weither or not I enjoyed it.

Some good rules I think to follow (might have been said up above):

1. Make sure you clean your hookah before you do your review including the bowl. I mean, CLEAN!!! Spotless, no odors, tastes, etc. Clean your hoses if you can, anything that can cause a different flavor.

2. Smoke it a few times before you give your review. With cigars I usually smoke it at least 2 or 3 times before I make my decision as your taste changes with what you eat, drink, smoke, what kind of mood your in, etc.

3. Think before you post. What did it smell like fresh in the tin/bag/jar? What did you like about it? What didn't you like about it? What other flavors can you pull out of it besides the flavor on the label (The tobacco itself gives off a flavor as well)?

4. Give an honest review. Just because someone gave you some tobacco, doesn't mean that its automatically good. I have smoked Cigars that reps have given me to smoke during their deal night at our shop, and have of course taken it graciously and thanked them for the free smoke (as anyone Should!) but if I didn't like it, I didn't hide it. I wasn't an asshole about it, but I would put the cigar in the ashtray and stop smoking it, like I got busy or something. I know you can't do this when reviewing Shisha on a video, but you get the point.
Solid post!
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