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Default Re: Reviews are Almost Worthless...

I generally pick reviewers who have similar tastes to my own. If someone loves starbuzz and other similar syrupy crap, then their reviews are worthless to me because by and large, I don't like the same kind of stuff as them.

On the other hand, I know people like Captain Howdy, Kalutika, Dee, BigPoppa, Hajo, Huskysibe, and the Madwolf/Gothkid/Puck hookah trio of the apocalypse (Even though we disagree about Zaghloul packing) are all down with the more traditional, earthy type of stuff as I am, so I hold their reviews in much higher personal regard.

Thus being said, I still don't always agree, for example, I thought Pudina was okay, but I won't be buying it again. Still, I appreciate the positive reviews they've given. Reviews are a guideline. They serve the purpose of telling you what one person thinks of the flavor. The only reviewer you can really trust is yourself. This doesn't mean reviews are worthless, I think they can give you a good starting point for picking flavors as long as you aren't expecting them to be 100% accurate to your personal tastes (Why would you expect that anyways?)

I will say that I wish many of the video reviewers would stop wasting so much time. What it smells like in the bag is irrelevant to me (Example: the smell of Khus in the container literally almost makes me vomit, but it's one of my favorite flavors ever.) Don't try to show me what the tobacco looks like, your camera can't pick it up anyways so it all just looks like mush, and I don't give a crap anyways. I don't care to know who you bought your pipe from or why it's better than the other one or what your dog just ate. Tell me the basics of your setup, and how the flavor is. SPEAK UP! I hate video reviews where all I can hear is "hmmm mmummmbleee mummmm mmmma mmmma". Personally I think you should be able to cover all the necessesary details in five minutes or less. Most of the reviews that drag into 8-10 minute territory, I wind up shutting off.
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