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Default I need hookah help!

okay so i posted on a different thread i bought some al waha and romman and they were both gross i didnt check the expiration date but today i went and got some Al Fahker melon cause i heard it was one of the best shishas out there and i Just started smoking it and it is harsh just like the al waha its just gross but the expriation date says may 2009 is it because its old ow what cause i have smoked hookah-hookah and it is not very flavorful but it isnt harsh at all i love it... i just thought that shisha was probably like a twinky even if it says expired last year it will pry taste just as good since its sealed please help i am new too hookah

ps. also i have been smoking it for about 10 min now and i feel very buzzed and its not cause im light headed i do take breathers haha, i have hardly any heat so i dont believe it would be that , that is making it harsh, and im using a vortex bowl

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