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Originally Posted by alanpeterson68 View Post
THis hookah looks like an octopus. If you are looking for a quality session you would have to plug a majority of the hoses. What was their asking price?
I am not sure I agree with the first point. If its a Mya it may already come with self sealing ports, so no need for plugs. And if its similar to the Paragon I got, it will also come with plugs and a purge valve that screw in to replace 3 of the hose ports, and a non self seaing hose port so you can purge.

I do, however, want to know how much they are asking for it..

Oh... and no more advice untill you post the pictures of the other hookah!
34" Km Americana Trimetal, KM Jumbo Base, Crown Jewel Bowl, Blue v3 Narbish, CH "Blue Lollipop" Tip
24" Solid Al Fakher, AF hose, MNH Phunnel
30" Solid Al Fakher, AF Hose, Vortex, Blue v3 Narbish, "The Circus" Crown Hookahs Tip
36" Solid Al Fakher, Blue Razan
29" KM Trimetal, KM "Red Lion" Gilded Base, Crown Jewel Bowl, Red v3 Narbish, CH "Solar Flare" Tip

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