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Default Re: Complete N00b question on Moassel flavors

Originally Posted by Coyotero View Post
Excellent! Another traditionalist!

We're in the minority here, but the traditional stuff is gaining a slow but steady foothold in the states. With the popularity of some of them, I wouldn't be surprised to see a few more pop up as time goes on.

Here's a rundown of what's easy to get.
Al Fakher Soft black- Traditional blend made by Al Fakher. Comes in a kilo tub and is quite smokable. It's a dark, slightly sweet tobacco and not skimpy on the molasses. I know ********** carries it, and about a half dozen other vendors who escape me at the moment.

Nakhla makes a number of traditional blends, the most popular is probably Zaghloul. It's darker and headier than the soft black, not as sweet. They make a few other blends like bata and super kass. Most places that carry a good selection of Nakhla should have some.

And the jewel in this molassed tobacco lovers crown is...

Desi Murli! Desi is blend of Indian tobaccos, and many of the flavors are treated with traditional eastern spices as well. Even their candy flavors (Like rasberry, strawberry milkshake, etc.) have a good strong spicy tobacco body to them which nicely balances the sweetness. Although I find I prefer the more spice-based flavors like Khus, Cardamom, and Pan Rasna. Desi Murli is simply put the best moassel you can buy in the states, bar none. Go to and order some. Seriously. Drop what you're doing and order some now.

And don't worry about offending anyone. I try to be offensive as possible when trashing drippy, syruppy, dyed, kool-aid flavored crap that pretends to be moassel. Don't be like me and you'll do fine.
+1 to this! And he speaks the truth when he says he tries to be offensive as possible. I think Coyotero has a vendetta against anything thats not straight tobacco or DM, lol.

DM is the way to go. It takes a little longer to get because Kamal mixes it by hand, but well worth the wait. When you order from Hookah1, tell him Huskysibe, Honestpuck, and myself sent you. He usually treats you right when you do.
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