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Default KM with or without a chiller?

Going to be purchasing a KM soon i think, at least before summer hits. Currently smoke out of a Mya QT, stoked to be getting a KM. However, when looking at the KMs, i'm not sure if i should get one with a chiller or not. When I do smoke, i always put ice in the base, basically every single time. So I am not sure of it is worth investing into a chiller. Here are a couple i was looking at:

Really like the design and color scheme on this one, specially the clear base.

As for a non chiller...

I'm not too worried about the price, I think it will be worth putting down $30-$40 extra for a hookah i really like rather than going for the cheaper one. So chiller or no chiller?

I am not a poster, normally just lurk the forums. Definitely enjoy reading all of the topics and watching reviews, has helped me swiftly enter the world of hookah. happy smoking!
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