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Default Re: Complete N00b question on Moassel flavors

Originally Posted by Variable View Post
DM is OK to smoke in a plain Egyptian bowl right? I didn't think of ordering a fancier bowl from HJ when I placed my order... Gonna order some DM. I am a pipe smoker and it is good to know that more "traditional" tobac (at least from my perspective) is available out there.
Why fancy seeing you here.

Originally Posted by CaptHowdy View Post
+1 to this! And he speaks the truth when he says he tries to be offensive as possible. I think Coyotero has a vendetta against anything thats not straight tobacco or DM, lol.
Someone has to compensate for the recent lack of Hajo.

Also, I completely forgot to mention Salloum. Thanks Uglybiker.

I should add that when I say A.F. Soft black is slightly sweet... I mean it's sweet in the way Newcastle ale is sweet. That is to say, not really sweet at all, but a sort of natural tobacco sweetness.
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