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Default Just ordered some DM

So after all this talk about DM I decided to order some. I ordered 300g of Strawberry Milkshake can not wait for it to come in!!

How long does it take for it to ship though? I live in Southern Indiana and when I check on it says my order is still pending ! I ordered it on the 18th so idk just was wondering if it takes a while for it to come in or what not.

Also I have been hearing that you should let Tobacer cook for 10-15 min? why is this, do you do this with all of your Moassel (hope i said it right) or just DM cuz I never do it lol. What I do is light up my coconaras straight from the stove and put them on and I smoke? should I let them ash over and bake it for a while or what?
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