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Default Re: Just ordered some DM

this sounds amazing... and i want in. never tried DM (honestly never heard of it before i joined this forum), but based solely upon on the rave reviews here, i'm seriously considering taking the plunge. now, question time:

1) how much do i have to buy (i know i can easily find this out on my own, but that's what forums are for). i'm talking price and mass here.

2) what is a first experience like. my girlfriend and i are used to AF. we get a blend locally called Tropic Thunder (i'm a little inebriated atm, so i can't think of the exact mix but i know it's orange, pineapple, something else tropical, and a hint of mint that makes it so smooth). basically, i introduced her to the "hookah culture," if you will, and i don't want to end up with a large brick of something she's going to hate and i end up smoking alone whenever she's at work and i'm for some reason not. i've tried everything we can buy locally (AF, al waha, some herbal blends that make me feel like i'm smoking mulch, Hookah Hookah shots which we found difficult to smoke at best, and starbuzz which has that glycerin feel that neither of us enjoy too much) and have settled on AF basically for flavor and smoothness. comparisons?

3) i guess this sort of part 2 of question 2. i know there will be a noticeable nicotine buzz difference between DM and AF. personal experiences? basically, am i going to pack a bowl of this and make her sick and never want a round 2

4) what kind of bowl is going to give me the best experience her? i have a large and small egyptian, but am thinking of trying out the phunnel or vortex in the very near future

ok, i think that's about it, unless there's something else awesome or negative i should know. thanks in advance
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