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Default Re: Starbuzz vs Starbuzz Exotic

Originally Posted by Coyotero View Post
I'm not against all fruity shishas. Just the bad ones. In my opinion starbuzz is the worst offender, it's expensive, tastes like chemicals, has an awful soapy mouthfeel and a nasty aftertaste. To top it all off, they sell it for four times what it's worth and use shitty business tactics that force other decent products off the market (my local source just told me that he can't get nakhla anymore, the distributors only want to carry starbuzz). And yet people buy it up in droves because it comes in a pretty tin and tastes like you're huffing a pixie stick.

For what it's worth, there are several washed and fruity flavors that I greatly enjoy, such as many Fumari flavors (Passionfruit, Mango, Raspberry, Black Cherry), some havana( Esp. Pomegranite), and some layalina (Lemon with Grapes!) and even Al Fakher (Grenadine, Mint, Eskandrani).

So, please understand I don't hate all fruity tobacco, just the really offensive ones.

Chill out dude. I was making a comment that struck me as funny.

You can disregard my distaste for the stated product, just as I can disregard your enjoyment of it. But if you're going to talk about it in public forum, then you're open to input from all opinions, even dissenting ones. That's the internet for you.

You're free to talk about how much you love starbuzz just as I am free to talk about how much I despise it... Especially when it's funny.
I was fine with what you posted. I was just merely stating that i would appreciate if people didn't make unnecessary negative comments. And yes i would appreciate input from others, on the topic that is stated. This isn't a thread for peoples reviews and opinions on starbuzz. That would be located over here . This thread was posted with a question which i would appreciate people to answer.

It's not a matter of who loves or hates what, it's a matter of are you answering my question or not? Or even is your post relevant?
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