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Default Re: Starbuzz vs Starbuzz Exotic

Originally Posted by TerryAki View Post
I was fine with what you posted. I was just merely stating that i would appreciate if people didn't make unnecessary negative comments. And yes i would appreciate input from others, on the topic that is stated. This isn't a thread for peoples reviews and opinions on starbuzz. That would be located over here . This thread was posted with a question which i would appreciate people to answer.

It's not a matter of who loves or hates what, it's a matter of are you answering my question or not? Or even is your post relevant?
Funniness trumps relevance. It's part of the Coyote code.

To answer your question: The others are right. It's all marketing. Starbuzz is run by some very savvy people who I'm sure are making a killing by selling crap tobacco at hugely inflated prices. It's all part of the smoke and mirrors that are carefully arranged to make the consumer think they're purchasing something special, premium, exotic. In the end it's really just a can of cellulose, glycerine, refined sugars, chemical flavor additives, and dye. The combination of fancy names (Blue mist, X on the Beach) titles (Premium, exotic) and flashy packaging keeps people paying $15+ a can for it.
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