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Default Re: Complete N00b question on Moassel flavors

It needs to be soaked prior to use. Soak it just until it's soft for maximum flavor/nicotine. Soak it longer for less. It is a very mild flue-cured virginia leaf, so don't expect a huge party in your mouth, still, it's nice for a mellow sit-down session.

Once it's soaked to your liking, cut a circular plug the size of your bowl, and throw it in. Punch several holes in it with an awl or icepick, then throw some red-hot coals directly on top and smoke away. Knock the coals off every so often to remove the ashes.

Alternatively, you can wrap the leaves around the top of the stem (Without a bowl present) kind of like a giant cigar.

Also, tombac makes an excellent mild base for making your own moassel.
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